8/4/2012 06:51:29 pm

I like you here, feel is good, so often to walk around.

12/6/2012 01:06:24 pm

The life of people, always has to avoid ups. Not always such as sun dongsheng, also won't always was painful. Repeated a float a heavy, to a person, it is tested. Therefore, float on it, and don't have to pride; Under the sink in, don't need more pessimistic. Must be blunt, modest attitude, optimistic and enterprising, forward.

29/7/2012 01:24:30 pm

It makes our lives more convenient,but also let more people become increasingly dependent,it is my idea for beautiful.

29/7/2012 01:24:37 pm

First, it attracted me the most is its practicality and its convenience. Second, it's personalized design fascinated me. Finally, I must mention is its economy. I believe it will have a very good development prospects.

29/7/2012 01:24:56 pm

Its performance and its appearance are fascinated me, I was deeply attracted to it, it made ​​me feel very fashionable. I believe that people who understand it will have the same feelings with me.

9/10/2012 05:31:25 pm

The way I dressed in leopard skin the chicken FeelsAuto hand made ??drift cars ak-47


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