MUSLIM extremists will be stopped from marching on Wootton Bassett “by hook or by crook”.

Hate cleric Anjem Choudary’s planned demo where locals have mourned more than 100 fallen Brit troops will be halted before it starts, a right wing group vowed last night.

The fundamentalist group Islam4UK has deliberately targeted the Wiltshire town because its residents routinely line the streets to pay their respects at processions of coffins bearing soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

But right-wing protest group March For England last night said it would prevent Choudary’s extremists entering in the town.

Group spokesman Dave Smeeton said: “If this march goes ahead we will stop Islam4UK by hook or by crook.

“If the Government don’t act we have no choice. The people in Wootton Bassett are an icon for our fallen servicemen and women.”

But Wiltshire Council will not ban the demo. Deputy leader John Thomson said: “We may not agree with others’ views but we have a tradition of allowing them to express them.”

A police spokesman added Islam4UK did not need permission to carry out a protest.

But British Muslim groups fear a backlash if the march does go ahead.

Shahid Murasaleen, of Minhaj-ul-Quran International UK, said: “This march will simply incite hate crime against innocent law-abiding British Muslims.”


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